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 Akhwan-e-Mutahidda Public School is a High Standard Privately Operated School situated near Syphon Chowk, Kagawala, Peshawar. The school has a specious building and is spread over an area of 6000 sq. feet including 5000 sq. feet covered by 16 beautiful rooms, two conference rooms and two verandas. Each room of the school is embellished with beautiful sceneries and each scenery gives a different look. The school is equipped with Computer, En...
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Akhwan e Mutahidda High School
Akhwan e Mutahidda High School
Tauheedabad Kagawala Near Syphon Chowk Peshawar, Pakistan
Contacts:  091-2620091

Principal Message

Let There be Light and Unity

I warmly welcome you to our Akhwan e Mutahidda High School family. Akhwan e Mutahidda High School is located in the suburb of Peshawar. The school was founded on the traditions and strong foundations of the Educators of Peshawar in 2001. Currently, our school has an enrolment of 1000 students from Kindergarten to Year 10 and is experiencing healthy growth.
There is a strong sense of partnership between school staff, parents and the parish. We value positive relationships and develop strong links with the parents and students by being available and approachable. We genuinely strive to value our children as individuals - each with their own unique personalities. Our Islamic beliefs and values permeate our school and celebrations and liturgies are an important part of our culture.
At Akhwan e Mutahidda High School we strive to provide a quality, inclusive Islamic education for the students in our care. Our professional, highly qualified and dedicated staff work, together with energy and commitment to ensure the best outcomes for each child.
At Akhwan e Mutahidda High School, we offer a broad curriculum providing a range of opportunities and experiences to foster growth and development. All children are encouraged to work hard and achieve their personal best, whether it is in the classroom, on the sporting field or through the many opportunities provided for their personal and spiritual development and all-round growth. We aim to meet the needs of each child as an individual and provide a range of specialist programs and services to meet individual needs. Whilst protected and nurtured, the children are also challenged in order to build their ability to thrive as capable young adults in the future. 
We welcome your interest in our school and encourage you to make contact on (091) 2620091, (0308) 5371615 or email (contactsaifullah@gmail.com) if you seek further information.
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 Dated: 24-06-2016